Podcast Series by Lecture 


In this lecture we discuss what happened in the beginning. Who was involved and what the purpose of it is. This is a 4 part series to help you unlock your understanding to your full potentional.

The Most High Wisdom

This is one of the classic impromptu talks i had with my amazing mother. She wanted to hear my version of this understanding of TMH and Wisdom our Great Mother and Great Father. “Honor Thy Mother and Father”

How to Manifest your Thoughts

In this lecture series, I’ll be talking about “How to manifest your thoughts” and how important this is to master.

Ego Warfare

This lecture series, is a continuation of “How to Manifest your Thoughts”. I reveal how the ego tricks you and subjugates you thru mental warfare, so we explore how to overcome these challenges. Get your peace and power back.

Understanding and Mastering Time

We will explore how to properly view time and go in more depth about how it works , it’s purpose and it’s false versions.

Mastering The Imperfection of Thought

In this lecture we discuss the creation of Ego and it’s original purpose and how it affects men and even more so women and they’re direct connection to Great Mama

Question and Answer Series

During my conversations with people awakening to the understanding of who they are, of course there are tons of questions that come out of it. I am grabbing a few of them that I have answered and will cover them here. So check here first your questions may already be listed.