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To Access our Advanced Library of Resources and read all of the books we have on our site 500+ and counting, I am offering access starting at our reduced price for launch. This gives you 30 day unlimited access to our online library and unlimited viewing. This is a one time charge as long as you keep an active and in good standing account.  Once payment is received you will be granted access by acquiring a password to view the library. This password will change every 30 days and if your still under your 30 day you will receive the updated password.

This will also give you access to our Researcher Discord Channel Role. This Role will give you access to asking questions in our voice channel and communicating with other like minded individuals.

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1 review for 30 Day Chaos Mind Library Access

  1. Adrienne

    “These ancient systems trained people to become masters of themselves. The knowledge was regarded as sacred, and always guarded as secret, to be revealed to those who proved themselves worthy.”
    Chakra Yoga, Teachers manual page 3.
    This is why these treasures are only revealed to those who are seeking and ready to level up to the next dimension.
    This library will equip you with the knowledge, wisdom and life skills you need to be happy and have peace. Knowing everything was created for you should compel you to seek out why you are here and how to get back to your original god self. Thanks for this thoughtful and well researched body of work. 💕

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