Children of TMH and Mama ‘A Book of Remembrance’ Digital Book version


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Children of TMH and Mama

a Book of Remembrance

by Yare’ Weslyn and Kokey



“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.” Proverbs 3:12

Have you ever wondered who you are, where you came from, why you are here and where you go when you die? These series of stories compiled from researching many ancient stories, as well as personal experiences, will begin to explain the answers to some of these questions. Hopefully, you will continue the research and write your own version of the story or expand on this narrative.

Are you ready to go on a whirlwind of a ride? This revelation will challenge everything you have learned and work every brain cell and every other cell that can perceive within your body. It will challenge you to see things from the perspective of  the real you, the fearless, immortal, perfected being that you really are. Let your imagination take you through this story and I promise you that at the end, you will be happier than you have ever been before.

Purchase of this digital book will spark your imagination and for some unlock a great mystery of who they really are.


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