Donate if you feel it’s worth it. (Live Stream)

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Donations are open feel free to donate above and beyond that. If you donate more than $40 you will also be granted access to our “Early Access Founders Library of Rewards and Resources”.

Once you enter an “Amount” and click “Donate” then you’ll be directed to view your cart and checkout.

Thank You TRIBE!

This Virtual world i’m creating is just simply me doing what we do best imagine and try to bring it to reality and make it matter.

This undertaking is unique to me and would be appealing to anyone looking to see this place unfold and be a major part of it.

If this is you? Welcome Home and, get your imagination rolling we have tons of stuff to build.

For those who choose to donate and support, My humble thanks and appreciation for recognizing your role in this story of ours.

Your support provides a way to continue  the waking of the ” Eʋe “.



-Wes “Yare”