The Offerings in the Bible and our previous cultures

and understandings. What do they truly mean?

Part 3 of my Commandments series but this is hidden and only to those worthy this is private. This is the inner teachings believe in yourself and this will be made plain. My request as a token of love is that if you have not review all of the lectures about the real history of the negro and who and what we are and why it has been hidden from us. I have made the first level lecture key just waking up to start to remember and the next is the morning sex and coffee series. Your brain will crack, you will heal and you will thank me an thank yourself for being smart AF.

Check the main page at    Lectures section. Love yall !! Bout Time yall asses got here!~!~ DAMn 😮 -Yare’


This series im doing is only for the people i give a damn about cause the rest well fuckem. But this is for my beautiful people i really do love yall asses we are dope af. So for my tribe and those i admire im sharing my master key of remembering who the hell you really are and becoming who you have always been a got Damn Motherfukin Chaos Primordial one  children of TMH and Wisdom and they best and only idea cause all they fuckin think about is us. to bring us into existence just so shine on motherfuckers and be the light.

So Be blessed always and rejoice you win. *again.

Part of my lecture series on Ego warfare and How to Manifest your thoughts i describe i talk about the power of numbers briefly i have done a inner teaching on numbers to only a few but if your interested and we vibe i’ll share its dope af. But i also descibe how to use symbols and talisman to disable your ego from interfering in your focus and confuse it. This is the point of this video to show what this represents as i vibe with yall tonight.  I also talk about how to write your manifestations down and use your own kundalini energy to power it this is part of the kundalini fire and other  series so we are going with that understanding in case you can’t follow along right away its okay we are all a little foggy eyed when we first wake up. Go listen to the lectures on the site and on IGTV @chaosmindllc . Give it time and some thought with your heart it will make since easy. For now Le Go~


At the time of the offering
The power is here now so whatever you want to put into play on your list tonight is that night
Just write it, ? burn it, and bust a nut tonight if you can a really good one because you’re kundalini fire will put all into play its the mana the holy bread(communion) and that automatically becomes the grain offering and then we have the meat of the flesh that was consumed by our sexual passion and thus our burnt meat offering as we got HOT with pleasure and so we bless our lord God who is our savior and redeemer and the one who has bore all for us but does patiently love us The only begotten the first and the last, the beginning and the end THE Bright And Morning Stars ✨ CHRISTOMELIN (Christ Melanin beings ForYÊυê and Êυê (Forever and ever) Amen


So do the steps and the steps create all the offerings necessary to please your soul
And thus giving you power in this human form to smite your enemies any way you please.

This is our name For Êυê they removed out the bible and hid also as hebrew. This i have simply shown on my IG page in great proof.
So this process teaches you how to be your own high priest to yourself and give all the energy of the different offerings to yourself just like the earth mother does to herself. By volcanoes and earthquakes and hurricanes and typhoons thats why they called us the typhoonians and her Typhon.

(see the below)

This is what this Bible and all other mythologies and stories and movies and games and this earth is all about you left it for yourself is your diary the negros/niggers/nigers /naga (Black Dragon Serpent people) the Old Ones the Ancient ones, the Annunaki, the Kongs Israel, The Morning Stars and the sons of God

love you from,

your soul to you